Lounge scented candle

SpiritOpus scented candles will invite you on a journey through a refined olfactory universe. They are entirely made in France, in a constant striving for the highest quality and with respect to handcrafted work. Choose your fragrance, subtle or voluptuous, and the matching glass will complete this unique experience. 

Made in France
Reference: BP/Blanc001

39,00 €

The white Lounge candle delivers a refined and eternal woody scent. The union of three different varieties of wood - vetiver, sandalwood and amber - compells you to take a rest by the fire.

It is made from paraffin enriched with vegetable wax, and the wick is pure cotton, lead-free.

The high quality glass, which has a sandy aspect, is heat-resistant. It is protected by a lid.

The candle comes in an uncluttered holder.

Burnout time: approximately 50 hours. 

  • Height 9 cm
  • Weight 200 gr
  • Diameter 7,5 cm