Made in France cushions

Made in France isn’t just about being pretty, even though it really is pretty… It is a great pride to affirm that the making of our cushions, from the first cotton thread to the last seam, is entirely carried out in France. This choice closely corresponds with our values: we wish to offer luxurious products, whose making process is entirely within our hands, and which are produced in truly human working conditions. We have chosen all our suppliers for the excellence of their work, but also for the connection we felt with them. And slowly we became partners in this beautiful adventure. Our fabrics are made by Toiles de Mayenne, a company that is more than 200 years old. We trust Relais, one of Emmaüs’ subsidiaries that uses recycled fibres, with the making of our futon cushions. Our sewing shop originated from the courage of two dress-makers who, after they were fired by their company located near Béthune, started their own workshop to save their jobs and their co-workers. Even our labels are woven in Saint Etienne.

Our cushions (the meditation, futon and padded cushions) are 100% Made in France, and we are proud of it!

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